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What I offer. berries

What I offer

I work with people individually and with couples. My integrative approach means that I am able draw from a variety models and techniques of psychotherapy to ensure that everyone who comes to see me has the opportunity to be met and understood as a unique individual. Perhaps what makes Core Process Psychotherapy unique is its application of mindfulness as a way of looking closely at our experience as it is, right now, in the moment. The benefits of meditation have long been espoused by various spiritual traditions, but now with major advancements in neuroscience it has been proven that the practice of mindfulness actually heals by connecting synapses in the brain, making new pathways where previously there were none. Mindfulness has been endorsed as a method of healing by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence ( and you can read an interesting article about it here. In practice this means that in our attempts to understand patterns and enable growth, we will sometimes slow down to look at and be curious about the mental and bodily sensations which accompany the details of your life, the joys and the struggles.

Therapy is perhaps best approached as an open-ended process. Much can be achieved in the short term by focusing on a particular issue and exploring it thoroughly together. Some people find this is all they need while others benefit from engaging in a more long-term process which allows time for less specific issues to be explored and integrated. I am happy to work with people in the way they want. Indeed, my way of working aims to respond to the needs of each specific person rather than imposing a pre-defined pattern.

I am currently working to become a UKCP registered supervisor and have spaces for new supervises. Please contact me if you are interested in working together.

I welcome the opportunity to work with people from a wide range of economic and cultural backgrounds. I work affirmatively with gender and sexual diversity and support the end of systemic racism - which includes an awareness of how these issues are embedded in the training of psychotherapists.

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